Comenius Project

With the start of the 2008/2009 semester, also began the EU-funded Comenius Project “European Songbook.”

Within the framework of the project, music students come together from 4 different countries and address subjects such as European unity, cultural diversity, tolerance, migration, racism, and phobias in a musical context. Together they come up with ideas for songs, that they can work on together, and together perform in front of a live audience.

Here you can listen and download the songs!


  • International Music College Freiburg: Jonas Birthelmer, Florian Bougel, Frank Rapke
  • Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts: Kelisha Thames, Maria Stefansson, Jonas Cleve
  • Music Academy International Nancy:Benjamin Cahen, Thomas Copier
  • Helsinki Pop and Jazz Conservatory: Heidi Tuikkanen, Petri Kallio, Jan Wälchli

1. Thoughts of Me

“Thoughts of Me” – download

2. White Hands

“White Hands” – download

3. Why Can’t You Be Free

“Why Can’t You Be Free” – download

4. No Room for Me

“No Room for Me” – download

5. Hear the Gun Shots

“Hear the Gun Shots” – download

6. Free from Pop Music Slavery

“Free from Pop Music Slavery” – download

7. Faceless

“Faceless” – download