Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg

The Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg was estabilished in 1984 as the “Jazz & Rock Schule Freiburg”, and is considered today as one of the leading schools for popular music in Europe. This strong growth, reflected in student attendence numbers, numerous projects, as well as the internationalization of the “Studium für Rock/Pop & Jazz”, called for a restructuring of the private-training organization.

The Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg is now divided into the following three spheres:

  • The International Music College Freiburg (currently circa 100 students from around the world)
  • the Allgemeine Schule Freiburg (currently circa 650 hobby musicians from Freiburg and surrounding areas)
  • the Zentrum für Musikpädagogik Freiburg (continuing education in cooperation with the Popakademie Mannheim)

IMCF and Berklee College of Music with a mutual curriculum

In recent years, the music branch has become globalized, due to increasing mobility, open borders and more moderm means of communication. It is therefore ugently necessary that also today’s professional-musician training institutions “think” internationally. With this in mind, the International Music College Freiburg (IMCF) and the reknowned Berklee College of Music have established a common curriculum. Through Berklee College’s “Study Abroad Program,” Berklee students have taken part in international classes at the IMCF since February (Summer Semester 2008).

The theory classes are taught in English, and the practical courses and workshops are held partly in English, partly in German. The cirriculum has been standardized, so that the credits earned at the IMCF are also recognized by the Berklee College of Music. This enables american students to gather international experience, to get to know the European culture, and at the same time to further their studies without losing time and credits. As part of the agreement between the two schools, students of the IMCF are given priority in the granting of scholarships to attend Berklee College.

The IMCF is the only “partner school” of the Berklee College of Music in all of German-speaking Europe. The auditions for Berklee College scholarships are also held here – each year in January. Moreover, Berklee teachers often come to the IMCF as guests to give workshops.

Curriculum changes within the Studium

Since the Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg is a private educational institution, it can react very quickly to changes in societal/cultural structures as well as to shifts in the music business. In order to deal with all aspects of the growing demands of the music business and with various musical career possibilites, the IMCF has offered since the 2008 winter semester varying areas of study emphasis and certifcate possibilities.

The first two years of the three-year state-recognized and BAFöG-promoted Studium are the same for all students. In the third year, the students select a study emphasis, according to their interests and inclinations.

  • Performance
  • Pedagogy or
  • Songwriting / Producing

The following instruments are possible as an instrument major: voice, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, piano, bass und drums.

The entry exam for the Studium für Rock/Pop und Jazz was slightly changed:

The three exam parts are:

  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Practical exam on the main instrument, which consists of 3 titles (1 elective pop, 1 elective jazz, 1 elective in any style) and a short sightreading test.

In the past, the emphasis in the practical exam on the main instrument was on jazz (1 jazz standard, 1 elective jazz blues, 1 elective rock, pop or soul, 1 elective in any style).
The entry auditions take place, as before, on certain dates spanning May to July.

Further study programs at the IMCF:

Basisstudium (basic program): Young musicians can here prepare themselves within one or two years for the entry exam to the three-year full-time program at the IMCF or another music conservatory.
“Kompass”: In this music career-orientation program, held on 8 Sundays, the participant can find out which prerequisites for a music program are already fulfilled.