Service and Information

The International Music College Freiburg helps its students to find their way around and to settle in. Here are a few tips.


Driving in Freiburg by day is not recommended – particularly in the city center, where there are few parking possibilities. The use of bicycles or public transportation is recommended. Those who now and then need an auto can contact the Freiburg auto organization “Car Sharing” ( There is a membership fixed cost of 4 Euro per month, plus costs for each auto usage based on hours and kilometers. And yet another advantage: various vehicles are available at any time, from mini autos to cargo vans and trucks. Contact: Car Sharing Freiburg, Wentzingerstraße 15, 79106 Freiburg, Tel.: 0761/23020.


The Freiburg cafeterias and cafes offer something appropriate for every taste. Every cafeteria has its own menu, catering to the wishes of its guests. The menus can be found at . The students of the IMCF pay only reasonable student prices. Moreover, the “HörBar” on the campus of the IMCF offers lunchtime snacks as well as hot and cold drinks.

Vacations and Holidays

Holiday times correspond to the vacation schedule of Freiburg’s grammar and secondary schools.


If the parents come to visit and there is not enough room in the small student pad, then the IMCF recommends the nearby Hotel Minerva ( and the Intercity Hotel ( which is at the train station.

Internet and Computer

The IMCF offers its students wireless Lan internet access free of charge on campus.
Students can log in at any time with either their personal laptop or one of the computers in the computer room.

Concert Agency

The IMCF is noted for bringing excellent musicians together under one roof. Therefore, there are many musical enquiries directed at the school. Some seek a trio for a jazz matinee, others, musicians for a studio production, still others are looking for someone to sing at a wedding. The IMCF answers such inquiries, and books musicians for events – preferably its student-musicians, who gain live experience, and also can earn money.

Youth Hostel

In case students have not yet found a room by the beginning of the semester, they can temporarily stay at the “Jugendherberge” (Kartäuserstraße 151,
Tel.:0761/67656, or in the “Black Forest Hostel” (Kartäuserstraße 33, Tel.: 0761/8817870;

Copy Card

Students can reasonably purchase copy cards at the IMCF and directly use them there.

Public Transportation

Freiburg has a very good local transportation system. Buses, streetcars, and trains run within Freiburg city limits and also connect the city with the surrounding region.
The “Freiburger Verkehrs AG” ( offers a regional transportation card (Regio-Karte), which gives the user an inexpensive way to explore the area without an auto. The Regio Karte can be purchased at many stations – simply from the automatic ticket machines.

Practice Rooms – the 24-hour school

Practice rooms, for individual practice or band rehearsals, are available to students of the IMCF 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Student Identity Card

The students of the IMCF receive a student identity card which can be used to receive discounts for many cultural events.


The students of the IMCF have a right to use many of the services of the “Freiburger Studentenwerk” – including help with job and apartment search. The Studentenwerk is located at Schreiberstraße 12 – 16, 79098 Freiburg, Tel.: 0761/2101-20.

Living & Lodging

Freiburg is a popular city for young people. The landlords have considered the needs of students and are ready to rent individual rooms within apartments (“Wohngemeinschaft”). Apartment and room offers can be found on the bulletin board at the IMCF. The “Studentenwerk” ( can also help in finding lodging. Contact Aleksandra Pojda, Tel.: 0761/2101-204, E-Mail: . The Thursdays’ classified-ads insert (Schnapp) of the newspaper “Badische Zeitung” ( is also a good source of lodging possibilities. The free classified newspaper “Zypresse” (, appearing on Wednesdays and Saturdays, is also recommended.

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