Berklee College of Music – Bachelor

The Berklee College of Music in Boston is the most worldwide renowned college for the study of music in the fields of Rock, Pop, and Jazz music.

Since 1997, the Jazz & Rock Schulen Freiburg is the only partner school of the Berklee College of Music in the German speaking world.

It is a definite possibility for IMCF students to take a semester abroad or postgraduate study (Bachelor) at the Berklee College of Music. IMCF graduates are guaranteed a place at the Berklee College of Music without being re-auditioned.

The credits that are earned at IMCF are now recognized by the Berklee College of Music. In short, this means that the courses that have been accumulated at IMCF can be used at the Berklee College without the need to be repeated. Through this, students / graduates can gain a great financial advantage by shortening their studies at the Berklee College of Music (anywhere from 2 to 4 years).

IMCF students who apply for scholarships are treated preferably by the Berklee College of Music Scholarship committee.

More over, IMCF students profit from this partnership with Berklee-Workshops, well known American guest lecturers, and regular faculty exchange. This clearly has a positive effect on course content and methods.

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